Tips for Braiding a Horse’s Tail

Your horse’s tail whips around all day long to get rid of flies. It flies behind your horse and can get caught in fences and even get nipped at by other horses when they play. As a result, the hair on the tale becomes brittle and can get very short. One of the best ways to ensure that it stays as long as you want it to is by braiding it.


French braiding is for show. Traditional braiding can help your horse keep the length of his or her tail through the winter and even the summer. If you choose to braid your horse’s tail in the summer, make sure to add some ribbon or long strips of fabric to the tail to help fight off any pests.

As you are braiding, it’s important to take into consideration the horse’s tailbone. Once you find this, you can make sure to braid loosely in that area. From there, you can choose to go a little tighter if you desire. If you go too tight in the tailbone area, it can be very constricted, which will be painful for the horse and can potentially cause ripping of the hair.

In the winter time, when flies aren’t a problem, you can choose to braid the hair and then loop it up at the start of the braid so as not to have a significant length hanging down. This way, the hair is well protected come summertime instead of a short little mess that doesn’t look very attractive.

Another thing to consider when you braid your horse’s tail is to do it often. Braiding isn’t required daily like it is on humans, but you should plan to do it at least weekly. Buy some moisturizer and apply it to the hair. You won’t have to wash it (it will make it harder to braid) but adding the moisturizer will help it to keep from breaking at the ends. You can then pull out the hair and re-braid it.


There are no requirements for the way that you braid the horse’s tail, but you should try different types of braids until you find one that you and your horse are happy with. There are a number of different kinds, so keep trying another kind each week until you find one that makes your horse look as beautiful as the first day that you found him or her.

When you follow the tips, the hair on your horse’s tail will stay long and healthy.